Hair Serum

We shampoo our hair, condition it and some of us deep condition it too! So do we really need another product like a serum on our countertop? The answer is yes! Hair serums are well worth adding to your hair care regimen.

Serums are like our very own fairy godmother- they deal with a lot of hair issues like dryness, dullness, coarseness, and frizz. They not only improve the appearance of our hair, but they also seal up our split ends, provide a protective coating over our hair to safeguard it from heat damage and environmental stress, prevent moisture from leaving your hair shaft, provide a sheen, reduce tangles and control flyaways!! Phew!!! That's a ton of benefits from a single product. Available for every type of hair concern, hair type, and budget, serums strengthen your locks and nurture your roots. They truly transform your dull hair into silky, smooth tresses that are sure to turn heads.
Amazon Series

Amazon Series Acai Oil Treatment 60/120ml

from Rs. 1,800.00
Amazon Series

Amazon Series KerAcai Restorative Leave-In Treatment 250 ml

Rs. 2,400.00
Balmain Paris Overnight Repair Serum 30 ML
Balmain Paris

Balmain Paris Overnight Repair Serum 30 ML

Rs. 5,000.00

Previa Luscious Curls Leave-In Definer 200ml

Rs. 1,500.00
Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz 8-In-1 Serum 50 ml

Rs. 1,499.00
Amazon Keratin

Amazon Keratin Argan Oil Serum 50 ML

Rs. 2,049.00

Siachen Hibiscus Hair Serum with Lavender & Neem 120ml

Rs. 1,190.00
Dot & Key

Dot & Key Hair Sunscreen + Softening Serum SPF 15 50ml

Rs. 695.00
Yogi Care Argan Oil Hair & Body Serum 100 Ml
Yogi Care

Yogi Care Argan Oil Hair & Body Serum 100 Ml

Rs. 1,950.00
Amazon Keratin

Amazon Keratin Coconut Oil Hair Serum 118 ML

Rs. 2,199.00

SKÖG Frizzy Hair Serum 30ml

Rs. 1,620.00

Detoxie Keratin Reapir & Health Restore Hair Tonic 50ml

Rs. 396.00