Previa Purifying Shampoo 300ml


Previa Purifying Shampoo 300ml

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All Other Hair Types & Concerns, Dandruff, Hair Care, Scalp, Shampoo

The Purifying Shampoo is an anti-dandruff, rebalancing and soothing shampoo. It is ideal for counteracting dandruff and scaling on the scalp, normalizing sebum secretion and reducing irritations. It cleanses and purifies the skin improving its elasticity, soothes and stimulates the regeneration of cells.

The green walnut creates a net shaped structure on the hair providing antioxidant protection and protecting the colour even after rinsing.
Green Tea helps fix colour pigments and enhances reflexes prolonging brightness and colur shine in the hair.
0% harsh chemicals, 85% natural ingredients.

Fragrance Notes
Top citrus | mandarin, rose
Heart woody | wood, cedar, freesia
Base ambery | amber, lily of the valley

How to Use
Shake well before use. Apply to dry or slightly damp hair and massage. If necessary emulsify with a little water. Process 3-5 minutes and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Essential Tea Tree oil, Green Clay, Vitis Vinifera stem cells, hydrolysed eruca sativa leaf, hydrolysed green walnut extract, piroctone olamine, extract of : maple sugar, sweet orange, lemon, tilia blossom, clover, blackberry, sugarcane