Newsha Shine Control Wax 75ml

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Newsha Shine Control Wax 75ml

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Detangling, Hair Styling, Nourishment, Split Ends, Strengthening, Texture

Newsha Shine Control Wax is your new styling aid for times when you want a product that offers malleable styling and a dazzling shine. The wax gives you light control over your hair and it contains provitamin B5, so it cares for and strengthens your hair at the same time. Can be used with all hair types.

Provitamin B5, which is also known as D-panthenol, is known to improve the moisture content of your skin and hair. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Using provitamin B5 in hair care products is beneficial in many ways. For example, it provides long-term protection from split ends, tames unruly hair and enhances shine.

How to Use-

Rub a hazelnut-sized quantity between your hands and spread through the hair. Style as desired.