Newsha Hair Rescue Treatment Kit

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Newsha Hair Rescue Treatment Kit

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All Other Hair Types & Concerns, Deep Conditioning, Hair Care, Hair Fall & Loss, Hair Repair, Rs. 4000 & Above

The NEWSHA Rescue System makes your heart skip a beat. It is THE one-and-only care treatment with a “rescue“ beauty mission: MAXIMUM hair health and care in its highest form!!! The ground-breaking and highly effective active ingredient formula with hydra-infusion nourishes your hair in a profound and lasting manner, enriches it with moisture, and makes it shine from within. The salon-exclusive system kisses strains like bleaching, regular stylings, and daily hair straightenings goodbye and provides the hair structure with the essential nourishing ingredients that it needs. Even severe damages are repaired, split ends and hair breakage are stopped immediately. The hair is noticeably regenerated and repaired profoundly.


» Immediately stops hair breakage
» Rescues strained and damaged hair
» Immediately repairs the broken hair structure often caused by chemical treatments and revitalizes your hair

How To Use

Step: 1

Wash Hair With Newsha Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Towel dry the hair
Apply the Rescue Flood No.1
Comb hair through the Brush
Move on directly to step 2 without any Development or waiting time.


Apply the Rescue Treatment No. 2
Let it to work for a minimum of 5 Mins and rinse
Blow dry and style as usual

Country of Origin: Germany