Newsha Deep Repolishing Cream 75ml

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Newsha Deep Repolishing Cream 75ml

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Dryness, Hair Care, Hydration, Strengthening

Introducing Newsha Deep Repolishing Cream. This luxurious cream is a deep-acting anti-aging treatment that indulges your hair. Enriched with vitalising olive oil and natural keratin, this cream seals nourishing active ingredients into the cuticle and re-invigorates your hair. The advanced formula behaves like a condensed life-giving infusion that restores your hair's smoothness, elasticity and shine.

The exclusive formula of active ingredients is what makes this care product so special. Olive oil works wonders. It cares for your hair by providing active ingredients and nourishment. The addition of keratin, which is the most important building block for hair, makes this formula a highly effective anti-aging treatment for damaged hair.

How to Use-

Put a small amount in your hands and apply to damp hair, spreading through mid-lengths and ends. Then dry the hair with a hairdryer and use hair straighteners to seal the cuticles. The cream can also be applied to dry hair.