Newsha Daily Ritual Shampoo

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Hair Care, scalp, Shampoo, Strengthening

Perfect for all hair types.

This bestseller gently cleanses the hair and scalp. It both strengthens and vitalizes your hair and leaves it with a perfect moisture balance. The skin-friendly formula makes this shampoo perfectly suitable for daily use. Precious rosemary extracts helps contribute to balance your hair and scalp. Perfect for all hair types.

Why it's different?

This shampoo contains natural rosemary extracts, which strengthen your hair and stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp. Not only does this invigorating shampoo make your hair feel luxuriously light, it is also rich in minerals, iron and calcium.

How to Use-

Massage a hazelnut-sized quantity into your hair, lather and rinse thoroughly. We then recommend applying a conditioner.

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