Our all-new Cysteine Plus reduces frizz in the hair, giving a natural smooth look to the hair with brilliant shine and softness. The finest botanical ingredients and pure protein helps the hair damaged by chemicals treatments, frequent use of hot styling tools, and overexposure to the sun and makes them more manageable by providing intense conditioning and moisturizing and improving the overall quality and texture of hair. The treatment lasts for 12-15 weeks with correct aftercare and maintenance is essential to the life of this treatment. This treatment starts to gradually fade away from the hair over time and no line of demarcation is seen as new hair grows out. Does not change the colour of the HAIR. Only 0 to 0.5 level colour fadage.

How to Use:

1) SHAMPOOING - Apply shampoo on wet hair and emulsify into a lather from roots to ends. Wash twice on Chemically treated or Sensitized hair and always use lukewarm water for hair wash, making sure to leave the shampoo for 5 minutes each time then rinse out thoroughly and detangle hair and proceed to the next step.
2) Procedure: Dry hair to 100% with medium heat and if moisture left at hair ends in sensitized hair, then start KT Cysteine PLUS Treatment.
3) Divide hair into four Classic sections. Shake the bottle of KT CYSTEINE PLUS Treatment well. Pour 30-35ml in a treatment bowl for thick texture of medium length hair & 50-55ml of treatment for thick texture of long length hair.
4) Start application on hair with an applicator brush while avoiding the scalp. Application should be continued on both sides simultaneously. Follow the KT ACE Technique APPLY - COMB - EMULSIFY. Starting from the Nape area, leaving 1 inch from roots, apply till hair ends, emulsify & comb evenly. Maintain neatness while applying treatment making sure to take enough product so that it does not dry o_ quickly or not too less. While applying the product, make sure that hair should be visible.
5) Complete full head application, cover with a shower cap & give steam for 20min as its mandatory for better penetration. If client is not comfortable with steam, then cover full head with a warm towel wrap. After steam allow hair to reach room temperature. DonÕt remove shower cap and leave the treatment in the hair for 25min. After a total of 20+25=45 mins, remove shower cap and emulsify hair with hands while wearing gloves. (DO NOT COMB)
6) Finger dry hair to 100% with cold air. Once moisture is dried, use a flat Paddle brush and blow-dry on medium heat. Start Ironing at 90* Elevation. Ironing is the most important step. (Detail mentioned below)
7) Product absorbs better upon application of thermal heat while thermal heat i.e. Ironing. Use a ceramic plate iron and iron each fine section 10-12 times to lock in the treatment.
8) For environmental protection & to control Static hair after hair ironing, use KT Damascena Oil.

0 - 0.5 Level Colour Fadage on Red & Violet tones only.
Roots Touch up only after 3 hair-washes post treatment.
NO Pre-lightening or High-Lift colouring for next three months.
TREATMENT LASTS 32-38 Hair-washes precisely using recommended homecare.
Hair wash for Cysteine plus treated hair
5-7 level pre-lightened hair to be washed after 24 hours and 8 and above level pre-lightened hair to be washed after 48 hours allowing the hair enough time to absorb amino acids that are present in the treatment in abundance.

IMMEDIATE POST SERVICE: NO head bands, NO clips, NO excess sweat for next 24 to 48hrs and Hair wash after 24 to 48hrs at Salon. Before Hair Wash, Þnger dry with cool air to dry o_ any moisture in scalp or roots

Iron hair with a Ceramic Iron on medium to thick sections with 5-6 strokes in each section at same temperature mentioned below. Allow hair to reach room temperature then take hair wash with KT Shampoo followed by KT Conditioner with lukewarm water. After Hair wash, Finger dry hair with cool air to see Þnal results. Give Þnishing touch by 100% paddle drying the hair and add a pump of KT Damascene Oil to add shine. For long-lasting results continue using KT homecare Shampoos & Conditioners with KT Damascene Oil.
Total Service Duration -130min i.e. 2hrs & 10mins.

IMPORTANT: Visit a salon for Fiber Botox Hair Spa or Argan Hair Spa to add long-lasting life to KT CYSTEINE PLUS service in post care.


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    Kehairtherapy All New Cysteine 1000ml (For A Natural Look With Intense Frizz Control)

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