JRL FreshFade 1040 Pro Cordless Clipper

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JRL FreshFade 1040 Pro Cordless Clipper

Rs. 8,700.00



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FreshFade 1040 Pro Cordless Clipper is an elite product with its fine and sharp titanium blades that makes every cut stand out. Coupled with its patented stay-cool and smart-clip technology, is what makes it innovative and unique to satiate all your grooming needs. Additionally, it has the most powerful and durable motor as well as battery with an LCD display to keep the user alert on the battery. A special recovery charge technology, that expands the battery life is a bliss for travelers.

  • Rust-free, long-lasting, self-sharpening titanium blades - stay sharp for every cut
  • LCD display - know your current power setting and remaining battery life
  • Patented smart-clip technology - senses blade resistance and revs up the motor speed
  • Turbo boost engine automatically kicks into gear when working with coarse, dense hair textures
  • Fast charging lithium ion battery - lasts 3 times longer than traditional batteries
  • Hard-working, 5-speed motor will not snag or pull hair
  • Recovery charge technology A new way of charging that expands the battery life