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Fix My Curls Mellow Hydrating Deep Conditioner For Curly and Wavy Hair 250ml

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Fix My Curls

All Other Hair Types & Concerns, Curly Hair, Damaged Hair, Detangling, Frizzy Hair/Anti Frizz, Hair Care

250 ml

Our MELLOW deep conditioner, can also be used as a rinse out conditioner. This conditioner is great for detangling curly/wavy/kinky hair, giving it shine, moisture and clumping your curls with our oil rich softening formula.

How to Use-

With over eight hydrating oils, use this conditioner after your shampoo. Apply to soaking wet hair. Section curls into two or more sections to ensure full coverage. Rake through hair using your fingers, adding more conditioner and water in small doses until hair looks milky and makes a squelching sound when squeezed. Use heat cap for extra moisture. Rinse thoroughly

Shelf Life- 30 Months