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Newsha Shampoo + Oil + Cream Combo (Pack of 3)

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Styling & Conditioning Cream
All Other Hair Types & Concerns, Conditioner, Hair Care, scalp, Shampoo, Strengthening

Perfect for all hair types.

Luxe Treatment Oil 30ml

Introducing Newsha Luxe Treatment Oil. This multi-talented product contains argan oil and is beneficial in many different ways. It is a rich yet lightweight care and styling oil that leaves your hair smooth and defined. It also gives it an extra shine boost. The oil makes your hair dry faster and is a luxurious way to make styling your hair simpler.

How to Use

Add a small quantity to towel-dried hair and spread through mid-lengths and ends. Do not rinse. Style hair as usual. To finish the look, add a little more oil to dry hair.

Daily Ritual/ Color Protect Shampoo 250ml

How to Use

Massage a hazelnut-sized quantity into your hair, lather, and rinse thoroughly. 

Deep Repolishing Cream 75ml

Introducing Newsha Deep Repolishing Cream. This luxurious cream is a deep-acting anti-aging treatment that indulges your hair. Enriched with vitalizing olive oil and natural keratin, this cream seals nourishing active ingredients into the cuticle and re-invigorates your hair. The advanced formula behaves like a condensed life-giving infusion that restores your hair's smoothness, elasticity and shine.

How to Use

Put a small amount in your hands and apply to damp hair, spreading through mid-lengths and ends. Then dry the hair with a hairdryer and use hair straighteners to seal the cuticles. The cream can also be applied to dry hair.