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Brillare Oil Shots To Reduce Seasonal Hair Fall (8 Vials)

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Breakage, Damaged Hair, Hair Care, Hair Fall, scalp

Hair Fall Control

Hair Fall Control Booster Oil Shots is a comprehensive solution for stronger hair & scalp. This natural oil gives you the essential dose of nutrition required to strengthen the scalp and prevent breakage.

I am a strengthening oil which reduces hair fall & hair breakage but to fortify your hair roots, I will take you through #SlowNaturalHealing.

✓ Youthful scalp for better hair holding
✓ Strengthens hair roots
✓ Gives fuller, denser hair
✓ Prevents breakage
✓ Natural nutrition, No side effect
✓ Free from harmful chemicals
✓ 100% vegan

How to Use-

Unplug the vial of booster oil shots. Apply one vial at a time on scalp using dropper. Penetrate with finger tips massage for 3-5 minutes. Use every alternate night before bed.


Basil Hairy Root Culture

Shelf Life- 3 Years