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Which are the Best Hair Care Products Available Online for Women?

by Sargam Dhawan
Which are the Best Hair Care Products Available Online for Women?
For most people, hair is the gateway to expressing their personality, their individual style, and can be a great confidence booster even on the worst of days. Beautiful, thick, shiny hair always leaves a lasting impression, and looking after hair and maintaining a proper hair care regimen is extremely important for this. Hair care is a very important part of a hygiene routine for everyone. Nobody wants to go out with frizzy, dry or unhealthy hair. A lot of women assume that washing their frequently amounts to a hair care regimen, but that's not necessarily true. Hair care involves proper rituals and making use of the correct hair care products keeping in mind things like hair type and damage caused because of hair colour, weather conditions, stress, pregnancy, pollution levels and other conditions.

The condition of your hair is also a strong reflection of your overall health. Just getting a good haircut is not enough, looking after your hair health regularly will ensure your hair's vitality and longevity. A full head of healthy, beautiful hair usually gets one a lot of compliments from other people and can truly brighten up your general demeanour. Having beautiful hair is a huge confidence booster and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Women are of course no strangers to the pressures of maintaining their appearance. If you are in a conundrum and often wonder “how should I take care of my hair” the simplest solution is to first figure out the root cause of your problem. Once you have identified the problem, it's easy finding a solution to fix it. Common hair problems and their solutions are as follows:

Oily hair and scalp: Oily hair makes one look unclean and is a magnet for dandruff to feast upon. Using a mild vegan shampoo made especially for oily hair and using a conditioner specially made for oily hair will help keep the oily hair in order.

Dry hair and scalp: If your hair feels rough, you should treat it with the utmost care and gentleness. Using a hair sunscreen will make your hair less brittle. Using a weekly hair mask for deep conditioning and giving yourself weekly oil massages using olive, coconut or argan oil, will not only restore hydration, but will make your hair shiny and manageable.

Dandruff: White flakes can be both embarrassing and challenging to treat. Whilst dandruff is often mistaken for poor hygiene, the primary causes are dry scalp, excess sebum and sensitivity to harsh chemicals in hair products. The best way to keep your hair dandruff free is by using a mild anti-dandruff shampoo and oiling your hair with virgin coconut oil or tea tree oil.

Frizzy hair: Frizz is not just a battle you have to face with humidity, but even a minor change in keratin or moisture levels can make the hair frizzy and unmanageable. Using too much heat to style your hair can also cause frizzy hair. Keeping the hair hydrated by using keratin shampoo and conditioner, using leave-in conditioner, hair serums and hair masks will effectively keep the frizz away.

Heat damaged hair: Even though we know heat damages our hair, we still can’t give up our styling tools that crimp, straighten and curl our hair. While there is no black and white cure for heat damage, regular oil massages, using hair masks and leave-in conditioner especially designed for heat damaged hair give the hair the required moisture and nourishment. Using heat protection sprays before styling are absolutely non negotiable.

Hair colour damage: Regular colouring sessions can damage your hair in the long run. The chemicals in the dye make your hair brittle, cause dryness, dullness, breakage and split ends. Coloured hair needs extra TLC. There are specially formulated shampoos, conditioner and hair masks for colour treated hair which significantly help the hair to recover.

Hair loss and hair fall: The root causes of hair loss are stress, hormonal imbalance and using wrong hair products that don’t suit you. Switching to a mild, vegan hair fall control shampoo and giving yourself weekly hot oil massages using virgin, organic oils, along with changing your diet and having the right supplements are a sure shot way of reducing hair fall and hair loss.

Buying and using the right products for your hair will help you in your journey down the road to healthy hair. Tressmart has a vast variety of hair care products especially curated from around the world, ranging from shampoo, conditioner, serum, hair masks, hair oils and much more to suit every hair type and hair concern. Visit the site, and you will have no reason to have any more hair woes and no more excuses not to look after your hair and give it the TLC it deserves!!

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by Sargam Dhawan