The New Limited Edition DAFNI Rose Gold is here!

by Abhinav Garg
The New Limited Edition DAFNI Rose Gold is here!

Now available in a limited edition rose gold design, the luxury hair straightening brush from DAFNI is the key to straight, sleek hair in minutes, offering professional results at home. Using innovative 3D ceramic surface design and incorporating the most advanced hair care technologies, it leaves your hair beautifully styled and protected. Transform your hair instantly using the DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush. Whether you have curls, waves or frizz and flyaways, this handy tool brushes them all away, leaving your strands sleek and straight without the hassle of standard styling tools. Here’s how it’s different: it’s easy to use, saves you time and it’s gentle on your hair.

Easy to use

DAFNI is the revolutionary hair straightening and styling brush, saving you time while protecting your hair with a constant temperature of 185°C. Utilising top quality ceramic coating and springy bristles to protect your scalp, DAFNI is the safest and easiest way to look great in minutes. Simply brush your hair and it will be straight and smooth in minutes giving you a fresh blow dried look.

Saves time

DAFNI offers hair care that easily fits into your day. With DAFNI you can straighten and style your hair in just 3-5 minutes. Ready, straight, go.

Safer for your hair

DAFNI has been developed to operate at the recommended temperature of 185˚C / 365˚F and maintain constant heat through each stroke from root to tip. It effectively straightens and styles your hair without harming it, and is safe for daily use.

For best results:

⦁ Use only on dry brushed hair
⦁ Brush slowly in a pulling motion
⦁ Make sure you hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush
⦁ Does not damage hair in any way

by Abhinav Garg

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