How To Protect Your Hair From Air Pollution - Tressmart
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How To Protect Your Hair From Air Pollution - Tressmart

by Sargam Dhawan
How To Protect Your Hair From Air Pollution - Tressmart

Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air that are caused by dust, pollen, car emissions, chemicals from factories and other reasons. Air pollutants can be poisonous and may cause lung disease. Now, air pollution is not just outside, air inside buildings can also be polluted and can affect your health.

As per a study conducted on the effects of dust and fuel particles on the human scalp cells, air pollution can cause hair loss along with causing other health hazards. Exposure to common pollutants reduced the level of proteins that are majorly responsible for hair growth and hair loss.

Depending on where you live, air pollution can affect your hair, making them dry, brittle and damaged. Particle pollutants are so small, that they easily penetrate the skin of your scalp causing irritation and baldness.

Reducing The Effect of Air Pollution on Your Hair:

Whilst it's impossible to completely keep the hair safe from environmental factors, one can adopt a few habits to reduce the effects of pollution on hair and keep them healthier.

  • Cover your hair when stepping out: Covering your hair is a great way to protect it from any airborne particles that can be toxic and harmful. Using a hat or a scarf can protect your hair. Keeping your hair tied whilst out can also protect it from the sun. Tressmart the Dot & Key Hair Sunscreen + Softening Serum SPF 15 is a great way to tackle environmental damages caused by pollutants and the sun. It’s a non sticky formula designed to nourish your hair while its enriching essential oils smoothen your hair cuticles, fight split ends and breakage.
  • Use Gentle Shampoo: It is almost impossible to avoid pollution. Pollutants in the air can make your hair look dull and lackluster. It makes it feel coated and heavy too. Dust, dirt and grime can cause hair and scalp problems such as flaking, itching and in extreme cases cause pimples. Shampooing hair regularly is the best way to keep hair problem free. Over washing can however, strip the scalp and hairs natural oils which can dry hair causing hair breakage and split ends. Using Paul Penders Jasmine Shampoo is a great way to combat air pollution. SLES-free and formulated with low suds, the best way to use this shampoo is to massage it into your hair to release its antioxidant goodness. Made in the Himalayas, this hair shampoo is Natural, Vegan and EWG Certified and gentle enough to be used daily while keeping your scalp and hair shiny and clean and protecting its cuticles from breakage and split ends.
  • Condition Properly: We can never stress the importance of conditioning hair after a shampoo. Conditioners penetrate deep into hair and hydrate and repair hair damaged by pollution. The Paul Penders Herbal Lemon Conditioner is a Natural, Vegan and EWG Certified product Made in the Himalayas using LevensESSENTIE Gold a mixture of 22 herbs that make your hair silky, smooth and manageable while fighting the damaging effects of the environment.
  • Hydrate your hair with a mask: With air pollution on the rise, masks are a great way to protect our hair from the harmful effects of air pollution. Weekly masking repairs damaged hair, penetrating deep into the hair fibre and hydrating and repairing it, making it stronger. The Paul Penders Intensive Hair Repair Therapy is the perfect hair mask to repair environmental damages. It’s an intensive treatment that revitalizes and restores hair to its natural beauty, especially targeting and treating split ends. Natural, Vegan and EWG Certified, you can’t be buying a better intensive hair treatment to pamper yourself with.
  • Strengthen your hair by oiling: Whether you live in a high-pollution area or not, oiling your hair is very important. Oiling hair prevents it from environmental pollution as well as damage from heat styling by maintaining the tensile strength of your hair. The Naturable Hair Daisy Pure Bhringraj Oil is enriched with the goodness of traditional Ayurvedic Herbs making it the perfect “food for the hair”. Sesame Oil along with amla, mulethi, kachur and others combat dryness caused by air pollution making your hair supple, smooth and split end free!

By trying the above tips you will be able to control the effects of air pollution to a large extent.


by Sargam Dhawan