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How do you Take Care of Frizzy and Oily Hair Problems in Summer?

by Sargam Dhawan
How do you Take Care of Frizzy and Oily Hair Problems in Summer?

The idea of summer days and nights are so much more idyllic in our memory than in reality. Summer causes many woes to our skin and hair, and from experience we all know that summer is cruel to our hair! We are fighting frizz, tackling sweaty roots, our hair is drying to a crisp and we feel like our hair will never be shiny, smooth and glossy again. Most of the summer, we are trying to tame our locks to look halfway decent. Summer hair issues are real and without proper care and nourishment, they are here to stay.

There are many hair issues one faces in the summer, but frizzy and oily hair problems are the most common. Frizz finds every hair length, hair type or hair colour. If you have curly or wavy hair, you know frizz visits are far more frequent in the summer months that are humid and hot. To make your hair look half tame you blow dry or style it but as soon as the humidity hits, it goes haywire.

But let's get to the root cause of the problem to help understand how to control frizz in the summer months. Frizz basically is a term used for hair that does not align with the surrounding hairs, but stands out as curls or independently. The main cause of frizz is usually a raised cuticle layer resulting in the hair looking dry and frizzy. Hair appears smooth when the cuticle layer remains flat. People with curly hair tend to have more frizzy hair as it tends to be drier than straight hair.

The first step to combating frizz is usually opting for hair products that are right for your hair type. Swap your towel for a microfibre towel turban as roughing up your hair with a towel lifts the hair cuticle the wrong way causing more frizz. Avoid washing your hair with hot water as this strips your hair of natural oils on your scalp that keep your hair smooth and moisturised. Use a mild, natural and gentle hair shampoo that doesn't contain sulphates or alcohol which causes dryness and more frizz. Always condition your hair using a nourishing hair conditioner that has anti frizz ingredients. Hair oil is another way to combat frizz- a good old head massage once a week will work wonders to control frizz. A nourishing hair mask once a week is also a great way to keep the frizz away. A hair serum for dry and damaged hair is also a must. Avoid excessive heat styling as this causes dryness and your hair is good to go.

The other hair problem that hits us in the summer months is oiliness that leads to greasy roots and sweaty bangs. Being outside in the heat and humidity can leave our hair sweaty, smelly and greasy. Not to mention all our sunscreen application that makes its way to our hair. And with bangs being super stylish this year, nothing makes one feel worse than seeing our bangs looking sweaty and stringy. We feel the solution to this is more frequent washing of hair, which may in reality make your body produce more sebum which will make it appear oilier.

To combat oily hair in the summer, try using an oil control hair shampoo that has clean ingredients. Use a dry shampoo on the crown of the head as too much shampooing is also not good for hair. Do not go without conditioner, opt for a specialised conditioner for oily hair. Use a texture spray on your roots in between washes when your roots start to look a bit shiny. A texture spray is really a new dry shampoo that gives your hair lift and volume. Instead of using your regular hair oil, replace this with tea tree oil as it will help treat an oily scalp and keep dandruff at bay. Use a hair mask especially designed for oily hair to keep it nourished during the summer months.

With these tips, you will have an easy breezy summer and keep your hair looking happy and shiny. At Tressmart you will find a whole range of products to combat both oily and frizzy hair in the summer months.






by Sargam Dhawan